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Customer Testimonials

You can sound like Willie Nelson and then you can sound like Elvis Presley. Listening to the songs make me think of Elton John when he sings 'Sad Songs (Say So Much)" . You have a great voice. Yea to Diane for her devotion and dedication!



Chuck, my friend, this music is a work of art.  Nicely Done!!  That’s not just from me, it’s from the rest of the family who were able to be here on New Year’s Day.  They all loved it as well.  I’ve ordered another copy to be sent to my Aunt.   

Have the best of New Years



Love it.


 Just got mine today, Chuck. I had no idea you were this good :-) I told Matilde (my 6 year old daughter) that I knew you, and she answered: "Kender du ham, der synger? Det er sejt." (Do you know the man who's singing? That's cool.)